The help/FAQ page https://area51.stackexchange.com/faq has a lot of good info, but we have been seeing a lot of new proposals making the same mistakes that are not really addressed there.

Would it be helpful to collect a list of "Does and Don'ts"?

The top two that come to mind for me are: (my wording can probably use some wordsmithing.)

  • Don't create duplicate accounts to increase your followers count, it will go badly for your proposal

  • Do have 100 unique individuals who are interested in your proposal AND are willing to spend to time on other Stack Exchange sites learning how it works, this is the biggest challenge most new proposals face.

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I'd rather not start another way of crowdsourcing ways folks can fail in this process. Going back through the last decade of documenting missteps and community problems, every time the latest version of the help center grows to unusable proportions, or the latest policy wiki falls to neglect, and the FAQ tags fill with too much minutia, or old meta support threads become long forgotten — folks start suggesting that we start again with yet another place to find this stuff… and the cycle continues.

I appreciate the sentiment that folks want fix this stuff through improved documentation, but real improvements would have to be baked into the UI. It's been widely acknowledged that Area 51 needs sweeping usability improvements, but for now, I'm just not a fan of finding yet more ways to stuff more rules into the most obscure corners of the site.

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