If I have a product that is in some sort of state which that it's not fully developed, should I propose a site about it?

To me it sounds like it could be a bad idea for the reason that since the product is in development there is no guarantee of the products future, so if the product fails the site fails as well and everyone wasted there time building it, also we can assume the user base of the product maybe low in development which may result in a low user base on the site.

Is there any information on this matter?


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It sounds like a recipe for failure on a few levels.

First, the product is not released to the public, so there probably isn't a large, established community asking to build a support site.

From the proposal submission form:

Please link to the organization or website where you will be organizing support for your proposal: If you do not have a community or organization to back your efforts, please do not submit an application for a site.

If a proposal author were to simply link to a product page without a sizable community organizing efforts to actively build a site, it will likely get closed before it gets started — minimum number of people for a successful proposal. Sending users passively to hit that 'follow' button doesn't work, and is typically a big waste of time for everyone involved.

Secondly, Stack Exchange is designed to answer practical, applied questions someone might encounter in their day-to-day use of this product. If the product is unreleased, the majority of example questions will likely entail:

  • What is this [product]?
  • What is it used for?
  • How is it better than [x]?
  • Will it have [feature]?
  • When will it do [something else]?

Stack Exchange sites were not meant for product discovery and general evangelism. These example questions would likely be closed as not constructive or not a real question.

And finally, what you said about the uncertain future is true — drawing folks in to invest a lot of time, effort, and passion into compiling a knowledge base for a product which may never exist doesn't sound like a timely idea.

This application doesn't sound like a good fit for a Stack Exchange site.

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