Proposal: Conservation of Cultural Heritage

I've proposed a site for conservation of Cultural Heritage. This site is meant to aggregate different professionals working on Cultural Heritage. Conserving Cultural Heritage is a science! A multidisciplinary field, for instance, besides conservators, there are chemists (I am a chemist for Cultural Heritage graduated from the University of Venice), physicists and engineers solving problems in this field. But every scientist must have a minimum knowledge of the good practice of conservation. If you ask in Chemistry Stack Exchange how to clean a surface you probably get the wrong answer... (no, many videos on youtube showing how to restore things will bring you directly in jail if you apply them on a Cultural Heritage object).

There are many journals devoted to this research, conferences and also some shows that give you an insight on the multidisciplinarity of this field. So this is a professional site which should be different from Art and Crafts. At the moment in the definition phase, unfortunately, the process of involving other people that are not familiar to SE community it's hard because they follow the group but then they can't understand how to make an account to post and vote answer. So I am waiting to advertise the site to other older restorers that might give up if the process is too complex.

I think this proposal could be very helpful to spread the best conservation practices all around the world and allow professionals in countries where there is not a strong culture and founding for preserving the cultural heritage to preserve the heritage of our history in the best way! If with your experience you can help with suggestions you might eventually end up saving also a piece of the cultural heritage of our planet!

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