I wanted to discuss the expansion of a proposal's scope but before doing that I wanted to see whether the topics I'd like to include in the scope expending were already proposed on Area51.

I read there that you need to be 10k on that particular stack to be allowed to see the deleted proposals. I don't have that much reputation on Area51.

How can I know whether something was already proposed or discussed and was then aborted granted that I don't have enough rep to see the deleted proposals?

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If your proposal is about a site with questionable legal issues in the US like Mariana, the legal and opinion based issues make it unlikely to launch. You can propose it but it will lose traction fast.

Anything else; a past proposal has little to no bearing on a fresh proposal. There is an expectation that you have a community that will support the proposal Don't worry about the past just look to the future.

For existing proposals; you can post new example questions that include the related topic and see what happens with voting. If that alone is not sufficient to get clarity, start a related discussion during the proposal and/or at the private beta launch.

Related Is there a list of failed/closed betas?

  • Perhaps worth noting some exceptional proposals like the recent Ontology Network (on somewhere?) that resulting in getting blacklisted on SE and possibly account suspension.
    – Andrew T.
    Commented Apr 24, 2019 at 14:33

You can always use google to search the site.

For example using the query:

site:area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/ esperanto

reveals that an esperanto related proposal was deleted.

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