Proposal: Theoretical Physics

I Propose: A three-tier model for physics SE sites.

Many physics-related questions fall into the following three categories:

(1) graduate student- / post-doc- / research- / professional-level questions;

(2) undergraduate- / undergraduate-level questions;

(3) laypersons'- / popular- / semi-popular-level questions.

Therefore, to cater best to all three categories - while maintaining the highest signal/noise ratio, I'm suggesting the following:

(1) A professional set of sites for category (1) -


Theoretical / Mathematical Physics [this site] (which, if the site - hopefully - grows over time and gains further membership, may be divided into arXiv-like sites (Astrophysics.SE; Condensed Matter.SE; General Relativity & Quantum Cosmology.SE; High-Energy Physics.SE; Nuclear Physics.SE; Mathematical Physics.SE; and Quantum Physics.SE))


Experimental Physics (Q&A's specific to experimental physics)

(2) The current Physics.SE site for undergraduates / undergraduate-level questions; (Nb: please see below)


(3) Science for general- / layperson's- / popular-level questions.

Update: point (2)* of the above proposal is withdrawn.

[*"(2) The current Physics.SE site for undergraduates / undergraduate-level questions;"]

Upon consultation with Theoretical Physics SE members, an alternative proposal - if / should one be agreed upon - shall be presented. (Preliminary proposal: 'Undergraduate Physics SE': A Q&A site for college and university undergraduate students in Physics.)

Update: If anyone disagrees with the above-proposal please feel free to share your opposing views / objection(s), or disagreement.

(I'm aware that my: a) direct usage of SE sites is very limited / non-existent, and b) my academic background is limited to undergraduate level, so I will not respond to any specifics / criticism of such than to state that the above-proposal is a) specifically a 'meta-'-level issue, and b) for 'Theoretical Physics SE'-committed members only.)

[Note: This is not for everyone at this forum- only the inevitable few who seem always to lurk around internet forums or similar sites: I do not respond to disrespectful / offensive / inappropriate / rude or otherwise derogatory comment/s / feedback / interaction of any kind. PLEASE SHOW RESPECT AND COURTESY WHEN EXPRESSING YOUR VIEWS, OR PLEASE REFRAIN FROM EXPRESSING THEM.]

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    I have to close this as "Not a Real Question" because, well, it isn't. Those who want to participate in physics.se can do that now. Those who want to participate in theoreticalphysics.se, can (in a few days, if they've committed). And finally, those who want to help shape the existing Experimental or Applied Physics proposal can follow it and ask questions. This post isn't suggesting anything that doesn't already exist.
    – Dori
    Sep 10, 2011 at 23:33
  • There was a great deal of back-and-forth commenting between two users that wasn't working towards improving this post. I've deleted the comments; if you two still feel a need to continue, please take it to chat.
    – Dori
    Sep 12, 2011 at 6:05


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