I was wondering if there should be such a site and decided to poke around Area 51 for it. I see that there was some discussion, but it's not easy to piece together what took place or to disentangle it from what successfully became CS Education or Math Education. The proposals "Teaching" and "Education" referenced in those threads have been deleted.

Was there a consensus that we did not need a K-12 general teaching site, or did it fizzle out from lack of interest?

I've now been poking around the Stack Exchange network for a couple of years, particularly around language sites, but I haven't really looked into Area 51. Now I've just completed a teaching degree (intermediate/senior French) and have been exposed to a ton about pedagogy and theory, but also very practical questions that many teachers have, old and new, as well as parents and sometimes even students, e.g. those in teaching assistant roles. Very few of these teachers are aware of SE, it seems, but I've found it an invaluable resource for my other interests and I think it's a great model for structured Q&A. Such a site would, I imagine, go under the "professional" category.

To summarize: Is there any sense in my looking into creating a good K-12 teaching proposal, particularly given the years that seem to have passed since it was last looked at, or are a couple "proposal removed" pages warning enough?

Thanks, and let me know if this question can be improved.

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Proposals that didn't make sufficient progress, and thence closed, are deleted to avoid problems associated with having a large number of them sitting around, mostly that they are used as a hammer against attempting a similar proposal later.

If you think you have an specific and identifiable community to promote such a proposal to, and that it isn't already covered by another site, you could try it again. Just be aware of all the standard requirements and caution that Area 51 has.

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