We are trying to launch a SE site on Operations Research (OR) and Analytics. We very quickly got the required number of followers and up-voted questions in the Definition phase, and very quickly got 200 committers in the Commitment phase, but the bottleneck is now getting 100 users with 200+ rep points on other SE sites. (I assume this is fairly typical.)

OR-related questions sometimes are asked on other SE sites, especially SO and Math. The question is how to let those users know that a new site, with a potentially better fit, is in the works (and that they might want to commit).

I have thought about, when I answer questions related to OR on those sites, adding a note that says something like, "By the way, this would be a great question for the proposed site on OR & Analytics!"

Is this idea appropriate/acceptable/allowable?

And would it be acceptable to go a bit further, and just add this note as a comment on questions that are already answered or that I cannot answer?


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Some will not like this and really if you over do it people will find it kind of spammy that every question or answer you posted has a part promoting your proposal.

See this for help on getting the 100 user with 200+ reps: How to help a NEW community get through the commitment phase?

  • That is the sense that I got, and why I asked. :) I will post a link to the post you linked to (or write my own). Apr 12, 2019 at 20:47
  • I agree this could be considered spammy-- but in the end, if you are trying to let people know you are creating a more focused site to address these types of questions, aren't you in the end both helping inform other users AND potentially addressing your commitment goal?
    – Shannon
    Feb 9, 2022 at 13:56

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