Proposal: Holiday Lighting

What is the purpose of the Holiday Lighting Stack Exchange?

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The purpose of this proposal, whether intended or not, is to duplicate a range of existing Stack Exchange sites, on the false premises that this subject requires its own space and is not currently adequately served by any of

  • Arduino

  • Electrical Engineering

  • Home Improvement

  • Software Recommendations

  • Hardware Recommendations

  • Stack Overflow

  • Lifehacks

For this reason, it has been flagged as an obvious duplicate and should be closed.


The Holiday Lighting Stack Exchange is a place to ask questions relating to the hobby of computer controlled holiday lighting. Questions are generally on topics including lighting controllers (such as Falcon and SanDevices), sequencing software (such as xLights and Vixen), and other general questions/issues (such as setup, configurations, etc.).

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    I like this idea. Stack Exchange would help expand the audience and also provides a much richer (in my experience) search and discovery than what I've found on the two forums. However, I'm sure this might receive less than positive comments. :-) Mar 29, 2019 at 1:31

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