I want to add "Marketing & Advertisement" as a proposal. Problem is, that there are a lot of different use cases and questions for this subject for example:

  • Questions about Marketing strategies
  • Technical questions about online advertising
  • others I currently can't think about

On my point of view I have a lot of questions that would fit into the technical category. But I also can see that this subject is a lot broader than only the technical aspects.

I could also narrow it down and only propose a site for "online advertising". But I'm not sure if this is interesting enough to have its own site.

What do you think?

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Propose it in the Business category.

The business category says:

The Business category includes proposals in subjects like management, economics, and markets.

Marketing and Advertising fits into this category very well. It's about economics and markets.

As you said, this proposal includes many more subjects than technology, so you should not propose it in the Technology category.

The Professional category's description is:

The Professional category includes proposals in subjects like organizations, occupations, and vocations.

Marketing and Advertising doesn't fit in quite as well here. It isn't closely related to any of the three example subjects it mentions and just isn't as related to professional life as business.

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