On Stack Exchange sites, there's an an automatic process to delete abandoned closed questions. Area 51 often has a lot of closed proposals that receive no activity for a long time. Area 51 is fairly outdated and doesn't have a help center like other sites in the network, so I can't tell if roomba applies here too. I also can't view deleted proposals, so I can't see if most proposals are automatically deleted or manually deleted.

So, is there an automatic process to remove closed Area 51 proposals like roomba on other sites, or do closed proposals have to be manually removed?

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If a proposal is closed it will automatically be deleted by the system after a certain period of time about 30 days after the closure. (The proposer can manually delete it after 3 days.)

However, if the proposal doesn't meet the minimum requirements by 3 days the proposal will automatically be deleted without any warning.

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    Not sure how much is automatic and how much is Robert working 7 days a week, so his answer might be more accurate. There is a related post Minimum Activity Requirements for Area 51 that gives details about timing and activity. Historical answers have shown a mix of automatic and manual process to address closes and deletes Commented Mar 14, 2019 at 12:33

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