We are a large community and think we have what it takes get Stack Exchange proposal through Area 51 and to Beta Launch.

Most of our community is not familiar with Stack Exchange, but we do have a several who have used one more Stack Exchange sites.

The Area 51 format is a bit different then the other Stack Exchange sites.

We have a collection of FAQ, can/should we use these as example questions in the Area 51 Proposal?


No, participants should post real-world, actual questions they would like ask on the proposed site. This is how we gauge if you have a knowledgeable, avid community with intriguing problems from folks actually working in the subject being proposed.

Stack Exchange is designed to host communities with applied, practical problems one might encounter in their day-to-day work or study in that topic. If the questions start to look staged or look like an introduction or marketing discussion to evangelize the subject, that will not bode well for the community proposing the subject — it would greatly jeopardize the chances that we would create a site from it.

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