Developer relations is ill defined, and different between different organisations. There's no playbook, and people come into the role from a wide variety of backgrounds and experience.

There are places to go for information and answers from experts - slack chats, telegram groups. These methods don't suit archival and discovery very well. Having a stackexchange site would be very useful for the community in my opinion. I foresee most of the questions eliciting a fair bit of discussion and experience sharing, which the FAQ says is not a good fit for stackexchange.

Some questions on stackoverflow are closed as being off topic or based on opinion, yet they end up with very high traffic, indicating that they are relevant or useful for people.

Are we allowed to make a site which is likely to have many such questions? Is there somewhere else on the internet where we should be archiving such Q&A/discussions instead?


I foresee most of the questions eliciting a fair bit of discussion …

Unfortunately, Stack Exchange does not support discussion in its design, so this wouldn't likely be considered a viable topic for this type of Q&A.

We tried a few subjects running more along the lines of a social/discussion space; unfortunately, trying to help people with such problems in a format which discourages discussion (by design) has been a difficult fit.

Stack Exchange was designed to isolate a single "best answer" where each posts stands alone and sorts to to the top by community vote. This breaks any kind of "discussion thread". Discussion is not supported by this type of one-answer Q&A, even discouraged. Without supporting the elements of an threaded discussion forum, SE is a poor fit for these subjects.

You never quite explained what "developer relations" is (besides saying it is ill defined), but this topic sounds better suited to a discussion forum which can provide more of a support group-style service.

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