I am looking forward to opening my first restaurant soon and am quickly having to learn many aspects of it and have many questions. I typed in Business and nothing came up here. Is this to broad or has no one tried?

I could see how this could help me and maybe other restaurant owners. A compilation of answers from credited sources is hard to find. There are so many buy my CD web trash making it hard to take any of it in.

Not limited to start up business cooks can also ask for help with recipes. Managers with paperwork, I need a place where specific questions that come up in a restaurant settings can get answers from real people with experience or good sources.

Would this make a great SE by helping with inventory, lease, on boarding, licenses and anything else restaurant and bar related? And why not?

How can I moderate the old small business SE site (Startup.SE) and change the name?

  • We cannot restore a failed site to carry on with a title change. The post authors are long gone; the moderators and community leadership dropped off (which is why the site was closed). Incidentally, we have a Cooking site for recipes help, and a Law site for leases, licenses and other legal issues. The answer outlines the fate of the previous site and how a different subject might be started potentially. Please don't change your question switching arguments and flagging the current responses as "not an answer". Thanks Feb 3, 2019 at 21:32

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After many years of struggling with this subject, we recently closed our site for small business startups (which included the challenges for bar and restaurant entrepreneurship) due to long-declining interest and ultimately lack of support. There's always a possibility that a more niche, focused audience can rally more sustainable interest, but that community is not here. So if you do not have an avid community or organization with a community to organize that effort, we are not currently interested restarting this subject without a clear indication that something very different is going make it work better this time.

See Changes to the Area 51 Process


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