It appears that new followers (as of today) are not showing up in the proposed forum below.

I received email from 3 people with the following nicknames that claim they signed up and followed:

  • AM1966
  • jctupazvi
  • Moayad Srour

But their names do not appear in the recent followers list. In fact I see zero new people joining today, which is unusual.

Any ideas what could be causing this?

Proposal: Graphing Calculator 3D


AM1966 shows up on the 'followers' list (albeit after this post, so perhaps the user has since resolved the issue). The others are participating (voting, etc), but far as I can tell, they have never clicked that 'follow' link.

Here are some possibilities (also for anyone who may come across this issue in the future):

  • Someone 'followed' a previous version of a proposal, but didn't realize that earlier effort has since failed and was recreated as a new instance/effort;
  • The user inadvertently created another account earlier so those activity/actions are associated with a different account;
  • Not "verifying" their account/email, which I'm not entirely certain would affect this
  • They simply did not know 'following' a proposal was an explicit action so they did not do it.
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    Thank you. I was able to search for them in "users" page and found out that some of them forgot to click on "Follow It" button. – Saeid Nourian Jan 11 at 0:39

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