Proposal: Ecology and Ecologism

The questions about sustainability would all have a good home on https://sustainability.stackexchange.com/

The questions about biology all belong on https://biology.stackexchange.com/

What would this site add, that isn't covered well by those two?


Its main purpose is to connect the scientific community with the neophites. The point of view of an ecologist can be compared to that of a beginner in order to clarify the misuse of language around the word "Ecology". The difference is noticeable between ecology and sustainable development. I think that putting both together in one platform allows, paradoxically, a better dichotomy of the terms. If it's a bad idea, I'll close the site, that means you're right.

Ecology in its scientific sense is a sub-branch of biology, this difference is important for targeting a more specific and involved community.

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    One thing that worries me is the influx of questions about styrofoam recycling. It doesn't bode well. – Trevor J. Smith Jan 17 at 15:42

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