Proposal: Motorcycles

Will questions about various biker groups and biker clubs be on topic here?

  • I won't answer as I'm always open to ideas that are relevant etc. - I think possibly - yes. As long as the question revolves around the bikes maybe or the history of how bikes were used alongside the gang bikers, or the historic importance of Group A had to Event B etc. – treyBake Jan 2 at 8:38
  • 1
    Is there a reason you choose to post a discussion, rather than an example question? – James Jenkins Jan 2 at 13:30
  • This isn't really an example of a question that would appear on the site, so I think it fits here – Matt Lacey Feb 1 at 5:45

I think this will be one of those areas that falls under "it depends". Clearly some questions relating to MCs will be relevant, but some questions around them are likely to have absolutely nothing to do with motorcycling apart from the fact that it involves an MC. For example, I don't think the following would ever be regarded as "on topic" if this site goes live:

"What is the primary means Club X uses for raising funds?"

I'm a moderator on a couple of other SE sites, one of which (Retro Computing) deals with a surprising number of questions that spill over into meta discussions as to whether they're a fit or not, often because everybody's definition of 'retro' is completely different.

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