Proposal: Motorcycles

This recently got closed as a dupe but I make the argument that this SE is more about motorcycles and everything that entails. Not just vehicle repair/maintenance, but questions about riding skills, riding gear, minor questions about repair/maintenance - stuff that could typically apply to both SE's (similarly like StackOverflow and Magento SE).

Just an overall space for everything bike - not necessarily about looking after one.

Lemme know your thoughts etc. :)


That sounds reasonable. This has been tried before (a vehicle-enthusiasts site vs "maintenance and repair"), but it never seems to go anywhere. I can reopen it, but be advised that we will be looking for a comprehensive definition with a sizable portion of questions which cannot already be asked elsewhere to consider this subject viable. Re-opened.

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    that's fair enough! :) if it sizzles out by the cut off date then I'll leave it as is :) – treyBake Dec 17 '18 at 16:47

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