Proposal: Web Data

There are a lot of helpful questions still relevant for todays semantic web stuff from the old semanticweb.com Q&A site. A while ago I created a dump of all questions and answers which are distributed under the CC-BY-SA. It would be great to import them to the new stack exchange site.



Unfortunately the ability to import old posts from websites or question dumps is neither available nor advisable.

On a Stack Exchange site, the content is more than just a collection of text. The knowledge curated on an SE site has both ownership and a healthy dose of vetting by the community charged with keeping it up to date. When you start with a dump of legacy content collected elsewhere, you take away the ability for the new community to ask and answer those questions themselves. The site has a lot of posts, but without imparting any of that reputation needed to take care of that content. It's mostly abandoned.

A site installed with pre-loaded "answers" starts with a foundation of little to no ownership — the original authors are long gone, usernames are greyed-out as 'anonymous', voting is absent, internal links are broken, user notifications requesting updates or improvements go nowhere… and the foundation of the site will is a collection stuff which doesn't quite seem to "fit" the rest of the site.


A couple of issues.

First Web Data is still a proposal, not a site. So you can't do it now. Supporters need to post their own example questions to the max of 5.

Second assuming that Web Data does beta launch, this would not be the place to ask. Area51 is for pre launch decision only.

Thirdly, if questions from dump (that you provided access to) become part of the example questions for this proposal. It will show that there is not suffice new material to support a new site, and it will not launch even if the proposal gets enough followers and committers.

  • It wasn't my intention to post those old questions on the area 51 site, but I think it is still relevant pointing out that there was an active Q&A community on a site about this topic a while ago, structured very similar to the stack exchange sites. This could be a PRO argument for a new launch. – SeDav Dec 17 '18 at 22:03

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