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I find it really difficult to work out how big a community should be. StackOverflow covers all languages yet most experts are experts in a very few tags and languages that appear on the site.

If one speaks of Web Data, one will soon ask how that can be turned into HTML, and find questions about css not far. If one wants to interact with a web site then soon HTTP issues will cross data issues. E.g. "How do I publish my data in Turtle, and JSON-LD" is an HTTP content negotiation question. One can imagine a question that brings in TLS for security. Or questions regarding 303 redirects being solved by SPDY...

IF one were to enlarge it what would such a site be called? (Is there one already? Perhaps Web & Data would work?)

Just wondering what the experience of people here is with the size question...

This is related to another scope question that came up: "What gap is the web-data proposal filling given we already have OpenData?".


Proposal Scope

As I see it, there is a need for such a community to cover data related web topics. However, these data related topics should probably stay away from actual implantation. Think about an example question regarding implementation of a data related API. This is an example of a question asked on Stackoverflow.

I'm trying to set the Content-Type header of an HttpClient object as required by an API I am calling.

This touches on what Web protocol which you mentioned in this question as being a possible expansion of the scope of the question.

HTTP content negotiation

Despite being data related, this topic is more related to actual implementation and thus is on-topic on Stackoverflow as a programming related question. That said, where I could see such a community being useful is for the specific protocols such as JSON, JSONP, and even protocols such as SOAP or XML. The reason I see these topics being useful is due to the fact that, while they are related to programming, they are not necessarily a programming language more an organized data format.

Potential Size

As for the size question, I am not sure there are any size requirements. So long as a question is directly related to web data protocols and in-general web data, then that will determine the potential size. That and the direction the community decides to go with that topic.

Possible Names

Lastly, if I where to name this Stackexchange website, I would make it related specificity to data syntax specific topics. The following is my name proposal:

Data Syntax & Protocols

I believe this accurately reflects the idea behind the proposals description.

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