Proposal: Web Data

A simple search on a number of keywords relating to Web Data reveals a high number of questions already asked on that topic on Stack Exchange.

One meta question seems to indicate that people don't know where they should ask a question: "Which stackexchange shoud I use to ask about RDF and sparql datasets?"

Here are some simple statistics to existing tags on the topic of web data:

One should of course check to see the proportion of these that are properly tagged. But given that I suppose it would be useful to find out how many of these are split across stack-exchange domains, and if these splits make sense, or if they are splitting the community. (Presumably similar questions will come up in different programming languages).

What is the general feeling on Stack Exchange as to when it is useful to have new communities, and when it is better to use existing ones with tags? Does Stack Exchange have any tools (eg, better statistics) to help come to conclusions on this?

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