Proposal: Math Challenges

Must the asker already know the answer to their problem?

Or can one ask puzzles not knowing the answer?

  • Sorry this was meant for the Maths puzzles proposal. Is it me or is it hard to find one's way around here? Did I do right by adding the link? – user334732 Dec 6 at 19:39

One of the foundations in creating this site is precisely what you're asking, and the answer is yes. Otherwise it would be no different to MSE, where genuine questions are asked by askers who don't know the answer to them.

Beware though, by 'puzzles', we don't want questions like 'Solve this Sudoku' or 'Make 34 using these four numbers' as they are already allowed on Puzzling. As little overlap as possible is desired.

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    Hmmm... I understand why you say "yes" but I think there are good maths puzzles where the asker also doesn't know the answer yet. I'd like these to have a home on such a puzzling site too. But it would take some thought to determine exactly which ones I would consider acceptable. – user334732 Dec 6 at 20:18
  • Yes, I agree with you, there are. But the problem is, in order to maintain an on-topic site, we simply can't have questions where the asker doesn't know the answer, because there will be a flush of homework questions flooding in, just like on MSE. – TheSimpliFire Dec 6 at 20:22
  • I think questions like this: might belong here too, although I did not know the answer when saking. So perhaps some thought could go into how the rules could accommodate them. – user334732 Dec 8 at 15:50

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