I'm trying to increase my user reputation. Do you have any tips and guides on how to increase the user's reputation?

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    Are you asking how to increase your reputation in Area 51 (this site), or your reputation on other sites across the network? Commented Dec 6, 2018 at 19:14

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Here is a complete list of how to earn reputation in Area 51 and what can be done with it (very little, actually):

FAQ > Reputation

You should note that reputation is largely meaningless in the context of Area 51 and not something you should really seek to acquire. Area 51 isn't like a Q&A collection of knowledge meant to be curated by the most avid users of the site. Proposals are meant to be developed by the audience who will actually use the site. Area 51 increasingly has been discouraging 3rd-parties from asserting themselves as "expert site creators" everywhere. As such, I don't believe the privilege list is even entirely accurate.


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