Proposal: Generative and interactive art

  1. Follow the proposal - 'Follow it' button in the top left.
  2. Ask five example questions you'd might like to ask on the proposed site.
  3. Up-vote the top example questions you feel best describe why we need this site.
  4. Share the proposal on your own networks - especially those that have people who are technically inclined. Let's get this thing going!

We need to get another 35 questions to 10 points before the proposal proceed to the next phase.

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    Please don't spam your proposal in A51D, or elsewhere on the Stack Exchange network. Please don't try to game the system as you are almost guaranteeing the proposal's failure. – Nij Dec 4 at 3:01
  • @Nij - This post isn't intended to spam the rest of Area 51 - It's meant to be instructions for people who are arriving at the proposal and don't know what to do. – dwjohnston Dec 4 at 3:03
  • Those instructions already exist on the FAQ. They do not need to be posted for every single proposal individually. Whether you intend or not to spam, that's what it does. – Nij Dec 4 at 3:04
  • @Nij - In that case - and perhaps this warrants a meta thread - the FAQ/What to do needs to be more prominent. What concerns me - is that people are arriving at the proposal, and, not being familiar with Stack Exchange/A51 - being confused - and leaving. – dwjohnston Dec 4 at 3:07
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    (3) should be "Upvote five questions you think are useful/answerable within SE system". Blindly upvoting any questions (including the bad one) won't help the proposal. – Andrew T. Dec 4 at 7:52
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    You forgot the most important step: find an interesting-looking Stack Exchange site or two and get involved there, to get some experience in how the system works. – Mark Dec 6 at 4:28

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