I have submitted this proposal that almost has 100 followers now and have constantly gotten this question. I'd say that at least 25% of the people who have signed up have not realized they have to perform the following actions in order to upvote:

  1. Create an account on Area51.
  2. Click the verification email in their inbox.
  3. Come back to Area51, go to their profile page, click on the small link that says "Click here to verify your email".
  4. Go back to their email and click the new confirmation link.
  5. Upvote questions they find relevant.

Steps 3 and 4 seem useless and they are causing many people to not be able to upvote questions that they want to upvote. This is only worse for people who are new to the StackExchange ecosystem.

Why is there additional verification necessary? Can we remove it?

Below are some images of people I have referred that have had this issue:




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