While browsing through Area51 I discovered that the big numbers at the beginning of a post do not appear to be in ascending order although I sorted it after newest. Is there some logic I just do not understand behind this? Is this a bug? I ahven't seen this on other sites on the SE network, just on Area51.

Screenshot 1

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This being Area 51, the sort order is determined by the original proposal date, not how long the resulting site has been active. Since proposals of the past were once allowed to exist over a very long period of time before finally launching, the sort order looks off (by site age)… but it is correct (by original proposal date).

For example:

Proposal *Date proposed (sort: newest) Age of Site ---------------------- ---------------------------- ------------- Constructive Languages 2016-07-16 295 days Esperanto Language 2016-02-12 827 days Vegetarianism 2016-01-02 666 days

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