Is there any chance to reopen this proposal? I didn't realize there is a time deadline. We were almost reaching the required target but the proposal was closed citing that that 4 months already passed. Where did the 4 months deadline come from? I thought the number of followers were increasing at a reasonable rate.

Also we were in the process of implementing a new way of encouraging people to join the proposal. I think this new way would've speed up the growth rate by 5 folds at least.

If I want to appeal this decision, what's the way to do that?

Proposal: Graphing Calculator 3D

  • You did just appeal, when you posted this question. The prospect of re-opening is low. – James Jenkins Nov 27 at 17:56

There isn't really a "decision" to appeal, per se. The proposal was closed automatically per the system requirements used to determine if you have enough participation to lead up to a healthy site launch. I cannot override that. Re-opening it now would only result in it being closed again automatically.

Unfortunately, this proposal wasn't really "almost reaching the required target". It was a good effort, but reading the Minimum number of people for a successful proposal, you need about 300-400 avid users (minimum!) to hope for a healthy site launch. The proposal author claimed "60,000 fans" ready to build this proposal in Facebook, but seeing only about 12 followers in the last month suggests this proposal didn't have the support reported.

If you have access to a healthy and enthusiastic community wanting to move to this system, I suggest taking some time to assure you have the support of a community ready to move in. To resubmit a proposal, we would need to see a clear demonstration of additional support. Area 51 does not support a process of slowly accreting users over time hoping someday it might just barely make it through. You will need a lot more momentum to lead to a healthy site launch.

Good luck!

  • Thanks @Robert. There are currently an average of 3000 new users of Graphing Calculator 3D per month (I can provide screenshot of Google Analytics if you wish). But given that joining the forum was optional, few chose to join the Area51 forum, or perhaps they were unaware of the forum. I have an idea for a more aggressive encouragement for them to participate. Is there any chance that I may be granted 2 more months? I'm fairly confident that I can reach the 300 users mark within that time. – Saeid Nourian Nov 27 at 19:08
  • @SaeidNourian The popularity of Graphic Calculator 3D is not in question. Reopening the proposal and overriding the participation requirements is not possible. – Robert Cartaino Nov 27 at 19:56
  • I see. I was hoping a human operator could override the requirement for a specific proposal. So is the only way forward for me to start a whole another proposal with a same name and try again? – Saeid Nourian Nov 27 at 20:10
  • @SaeidNourian Yes...but only if you have access to a healthy and enthusiastic community ready to support the site. – Robert Cartaino Nov 27 at 20:14

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