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A number of Greek proposals have failed in the past. I would much like to see Greek succeed, but I don't think it will be enough to just set the proposal up and hope for the best. So, what is the plan with the Greek proposal? It seems quite unclear to me. Specifically:

  1. Has anyone been in contact with Greek-related online communities? A new SE site is supposed to be launched by bringing an existing community here, not to start from scratch. With the current time limits, the proposal is unlikely to achieve without some outreach activities.

  2. Is Greek from all eras even on topic on the proposed site? The wording "Proposed Q&A site for anyone interested in the Greek language and any of it's dialects." sounds like it's intended for old Greek only. I think the site would be much more viable with all kinds of Greek (all eras and dialects) included, but that should be specified.

  3. Is anything different from earlier Greek proposals, either in the proposed scope or in the planned marketing?

There is a related discussion on Latin meta.

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    Note that questions about Ancient Greek are allowed on Latin.SE! So at least those can have a home. – Cerberus Nov 30 at 1:32
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If you find a healthy and enthusiastic community wanting to build such a site, please feel free to have them propose it. Unfortunately, this subject has been proposed multiple times without a identifying a community to actually build it. Subjects posted repeatedly with vague or unsubstantiated claims of support are no longer supported by this process. See Changes to the Area 51 process. Submitting the same proposal over and over hoping someday it might just barely make it through is not how you lead up to a healthy site launch.

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    I fully agree. I was hoping that the one to propose the Greek site would have stepped forward and explained what they were after. It was unclear to me whether there was any plan whatsoever (regarding scope, attracting users, learning from the past, and other matters), so I asked this question. – Joonas Ilmavirta Nov 27 at 18:52

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