Proposal: Math Challenges

On Puzzling Stack Exchange, it's considered on-topic to post a puzzle as a question. On almost all other sites, something like that is off-topic and would be downvoted/closed.

Will it be considered on-topic to post puzzles and/or math challenges as questions?

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This is a good question. From one of the close reasons of questions in Puzzling SE,

This question is off-topic as it appears to be a mathematics problem, as opposed to a mathematical puzzle. For more info, see "Are math-textbook-style problems on topic?" on meta.

What Puzzling SE wants are, in mathematical questions, puzzles not problems/challenges. Here is more information on this. Therefore, this site must do the opposite to avoid overlapping - for example, questions asking to solve a Sudoku wouldn't be allowed. Of course, "math challenges" are acceptable as that is the name of the proposed site.

Please feel free to ask in more detail about this, as it is important to make sure that everything is clarified whilst the proposal is in Definition.

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    It's worth mentioning that questions on "Math Challenges" will usually require a good amount of mathematical background knowledge to understand/solve; in contrast, questions of this sort are typically not well-received on puzzling SE. – Frpzzd Dec 10 at 20:39
  • @Frpzzd Yes, that would apply to the majority of questions on Math Challenges, even though it says 'at all levels' – TheSimpliFire Dec 10 at 20:44

That question type is also on-topic on PPCG.SE

Programming Puzzles & Code Golf is the first non-Q&A site, and Puzzling came after that AFAIK. (Correct me if I'm wrong.) Every question there is a programming challenge, or competition. Everything else is off-topic.

  • That's true, but it doesn't answer my question. Should it be on-topic on Math Challenges? – David the third Nov 26 at 20:52

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