I have been hearing a term on Area51.meta its about something called tactical voting and I've been hearing it for about a good while now, so I will like to know:

What is a tactical voting system and why is it bad to do this?


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"Tactical voting" is an attempt to drive a proposal through at any cost by directing participants to vote optimally and robotically rather than trying to determine if a subject has enough avid users and interest to lead up to a healthy site launch ogranically. It’s a way to feign more "progress" with fewer users rather than gathering the interest they’ll need to actually build the site. This has proven to be the the single worst advice you can give to a community to virtually guarantee it will fail.

From a post you saw recently (a guide to tactical voting):

Discourage downvoting [poor questions], and try to get every post up to 10, but not more than that, so you can get to beta.

It doesn't matter whether the question is good or not, try getting it to 10 and not more than 10.

I hope the falicy in this thinking is self-evident.

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