Proposal: Greek Language

Would there be any questions here that could not be answered on Latin Stack Exchange? It includes all Greek-related questions except for biblical texts.

Here is the link for that, and I repeat the policy below:

Questions concerning Greek roughly up to the end of classical antiquity (fall of Western Roman Empire in AD 476), including New Testament Greek, are on topic. However, questions should be mostly about the language itself. For questions focusing on interpretation or exegesis of biblical texts, please refer to Biblical Hermeneutics Stack Exchange instead. Other questions focusing on content rather than language might find a better home at various other sites, including Philosophy, Mythology, and Literature.

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The Latin site (where I'm one of the mods) does accept many Greek questions, but not all. All questions about modern or medieval Greek are off topic. I'm not sure if Old Greek is enough for a viable site on its own, and judging by the name the proposed site would be for Greek of all eras. Therefore a substantial part of the questions on the proposed site would not be welcome on Latin, assuming newer Greek will indeed be included. Moreover, Greek is a bit of a side topic on Latin, and we might be willing to let go of it if there is a separate Greek SE.

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