Proposal: Math Challenges

My proposal currently has 42 questions, 13 of which have received a score of -1 or lower. I know that the last two (at -3 and -4) are not really representative of the typical questions for the site, so I don't have a problem with those downvotes.

But it seems that there is someone who is downvoting many of the example questions. For example, the question posed by @Frpzzd 14 hours ago received a downvote 3 hours ago, and this short time frame of downvoting has also occurred to at least two other questions (one of which being one of my own).

Interestingly enough, every other proposed site in Definition has nowhere near as many downvoted questions as this one (e.g. Hashgraph, Graphing Calculator).

Please do not close this as a duplicate of How to prevent malicious downvoting?, because no action has been taken there.

What should I do?

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    And yet there are nine questions with score exactly 10, three more with 11, and only one with higher. Clearly tactical votes are helping your proposal too, yet this is apparently acceptable. Whence the difference? – Nij Nov 7 at 18:27
  • @Nij This is apparently acceptable: of course they're acceptable, why shouldn't they be! The purpose of upvoting is i) to show that the question is good in terms of representation ii) to help progress the site. The purpose of downvoting is to show that the question is not a good one to ask there. This is all well and good until people play unfairly. What's wrong with tactical votes? And your point is that there are 23 questions above 10. Well also take into account that there are only 54 days left before the proposal is closed, and I would say that we actually need more activity on questions – TheSimpliFire Nov 7 at 18:37
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    Allowing tactical voting in one direction but not the other is hypocrisy. Especially when it is clearly just to tick off a technical box. Either you believe the proposal can make it and random downvotes are not worth worrying about, or a very small number of people seem to have the power to shut it down, which suggests the proposal is not strong enough to survive beta. – Nij Nov 7 at 18:46
  • @Nij not the other: how is unfair downvoting 'tactical'; in short, do you think that it is ok for people to serial-downvote example questions? Actually, why do those questions deserve downvotes? All I'm trying to express here is that there is something wrong going on, and we need to correct that (what if it keeps on happening?) This can't be compared to beta as we as a community currently have no control in terms of moderation which beta sites would enjoy. Only example questions are representative of the content of the proposed site. – TheSimpliFire Nov 7 at 18:51
  • At least two lack sufficient information to be answered properly, and several others are just regular proof questions, there's no challenge in them at all. And no moderation on any site involves checking for someone regularly downvoting - if it's not picked by the automatic serial vote detector, chances are it's not serial voting at all anyway. Is it so hard to accept that people simply don't want those questions, whether from personal taste or honest valuation? – Nij Nov 9 at 3:59
  • Are you absolutely sure it is serial downvoting? It's very possible that one user saw multiple questions worth downvoting, and downvoted them at the same time. – public static void main Nov 14 at 15:58
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Short answer: There is nothing you can or should do.

There are some checks in place that will remove some blatant misuse of voting. For the most part, it is what it is.


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