I'm certain StackOverflow is the only place where Git questions would end up on this network. I would like to propose the creation of a new site: Git.SE, where questions regarding implementing, using and redesigning Git and similar version control systems can be answered in finer detail and without restraint. This would get beginners better acquainted with VCS and foster a more focused community while reducing burden on SO.

Why should Git get a special community?

It's the backbone for the most popular online repositories and codebases. You would definitely want this to be common knowledge. Someone, perhaps you reading, can make a better argument as to why we need (or even don't need) such a community. But honest to God, SO cannot handle everything and there is no point feeding it low hanging fruit, or give it questions the core community is tired of at this point.

To make a totally different Git community is a radical idea, every beginner needs it but no one feels it necessary to seperate it from the coding landscape, and see it as the general tool it is.

I feel Git.SE would be instrumental in helping Git version control evolve for the next decade and beyond. This community would hold it in their mission to criticially evaluate Git problems, pre-address common issues and work closely following the official guide/documentation.

Your thoughts? Yes or No.

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Area 51 is currently accepting proposals for subjects not already covered by our existing communities. We generally do not split off individual tags simply to give a topic its own space.

With 125,000+ questions for Git* on Stack Overflow, SO has already become the de facto hub of support for this subject worldwide. Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange have already embraced a broader, more-inclusive view of what a "developer ecosystem" actually entails, so any perceived benefit of moving this community out of a highly successful space to start over from square one is diminishingly small.

  • Yes, I'm saying that defacto is bad. Segmentation is good. And I'm frustrated at the SE network for not just the downvotes but this decade long persistance on keeping engines within thick cars no non-mechanic will open up. Git.SE will happen. I'll climb on Joel's back to make this happen if I have to. Nov 6, 2018 at 19:28

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