It would benefit community growth if clearer direction was provided for those who are new to the proposal process yet have great interest in the intention of the proposal and want to participate. The Tour is suggested, but it is better matched to launched sites and doesn't really address the significant distinctions of the proposal page design and workflow.

This bulleted list is an example of what might work nicely.

Welcome to this "..." Stack Exchange proposal. We're happy that you have an interest in supporting new ideas and wish to contribute to the Q&A here to express your support. These are some easy and helpful things you can do.

  • You can post up to five questions that are unique and aligned with the title and description of this proposal (above).

  • You can vote up five questions written by others (using the up arrow on the left above the each question's score) based on your impression of the question's value to this Q&A.

  • You can make suggestions to improve the question using the gray "suggest improvement" link under each question, or, if you think the question is too far off track, you can vote it down.

Proposal: Solar Energy Science and Economy

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