Proposal: Solar Energy Science and Economy

Choosing names can be challenging. Our goal in choosing this one was to distinguish the site from the typical highly politicized view of alternative energy, specifically energy acquisition from solar activity. We also wanted to avoid the provincial attitudes about how solar energy infrastructure is important to a single house, business, town, or even nation. Most of the impetus behind solar technology is global in nature.

  • The economy is linked across the globe.
  • The progressive depletion of fossil fuel resources global.
  • The climate changes in process is based on global combustion.
  • Manufacturing and distribution of solar tech is within a global economy.
  • The impacts of research and development on price, durability, and efficiency of devices is global.

Returning to the Question

Is it clear in the title that the "Solar Energy Science and Economy" site is for scientific Q&A and has a global perspective?

  • "The climate changes in process is based on global combustion." - that's only partially true. It's driven by releases of greenhouse gases (and albedo changes). Much of the emissions through combustion of fossil fuels. But there's also non-combustion emissions of greenhouse gases. – EnergyNumbers Oct 22 at 19:25

Well, I would say both yes, but only partially.

Insofar as the part about the site being for scientific questions is concerned, I do think that the title (and especially the site description) make it amply clear. However, I think there are better ways to encapsulate the goal of being a site that caters to Q&A of the technology for bringing about The Solar Revolution.

Now. I want to make it clear that, as an avowed supporter of the pressing need to switch to sustainable and clean energy and of initiatives like The Solar Alliance, I think that we are on the mark with the topic for the site and only disagree on the way we should present this.

That being said, I would like to suggest byhe following regarding this issue :

  1. First of all, I think that there is a broad agreement among the members of this nascent community that solar energy is a necessary and inevitable choice for humanity, and that our site shall hold this as an agreed principle. In that vein, our site shall not be a forum for debate on the merits (relative or otherwise) of solar energy but rather for Q&A about solar energy with the aim of providing first-hand expert answers to questions abd building a database of knowledge about solar.

    In this respect I feel that our site's title should be more explicit about this issue. Having a phrase like "Solar Revolution" will go a long way in this regard, in my opinion. I think that this would also help address the issue of global focus for the site, to a certain extent.

  2. I feel that our title is also a bit too big and unfocused at the time. I would suggest that we remove 'economy' from it. Of course, economic aspecys are very important and their discussion should definitely be in topic on the site, but I think that the title should emphasize technology and/or science, if it emphasizes any single aspect of solar at all.


In all, I think that our title could definitely use some improvement, and I would be willing to put up a question in this regard in case there is support from the current community (31 members).

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