Although it would be easier for Stack Exchange Inc. to do this internally because they can query across stacks, any user could use Selenium to drive Chrome or Firefox to get a statistically sufficient sample of opened question titles on all the SE proposals and betas very slowly over a period of time so that impact on SE servers would be minuscule. The sample could be randomized by randomizing the date of the post from within the duration of the stack.

The data could be parsed into words and counted. Google's word frequency table could be used to normalize word significance so that words like 'ontological' would be more significant in evaluating topic overlap than 'the'. Then standard cross correlation between normalized word counts between the stacks could be used to create a Venn diagram. That might help people evaluate what overlap there really is between opened stacks.

There seems to be much talk about certain pairs of stacks and complete negligence of clear overlaps. It may also help pioneers develop their site name and description and drive their open-close policy with real information rather than conjecture and emotionally driven protectiveness of favorite stacks.

Has anyone done this work and is it posted anywhere as a mathematically clean and less disputable reference for meta discussion?

  • This is not place for this question, see related “Venn Diagram” on SE About pages is not actually a Venn diagram – James Jenkins Oct 22 at 12:24
  • @DouglasDaseeco the lack of an edit history shows that the merge request tag was part of the orginal post. Why do you think it was added? – James Jenkins Oct 24 at 15:15
  • Statistically, that this excellent question was down voted thrice in its first week of existence may be an indication that at least some members of the meta would prefer to avoid a visualization of overlaps between stacks. To me, this indicates that the proposed Venn diagram might be helpful. Those comprising the factions in various boundary tensions don't actually have any faith that visual evidence will support their political positions within the SE ecosystem. – Douglas Daseeco Nov 14 at 16:48

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