The OP of a closed example question edited it to something completely different from the orignal, here is the revision.

Is this allowed especially since most of the votes are for the old version?

I am bringing this up because someone got in trouble for doing something similar as can be seen in this chat message:

@kenorb You can't edit a closed question into something else simply to misappropriate those votes for a question they were not cast for. You know better and crap like that will get an account suspended. - Robert Cartaino

Those are not the only case this happened things like these if bad can slip by easy.

  • I believe the question in the comment by Robert whas closed as duplicate, and your example is closed as not constructive. Both appear to have similar motivation behind the edit. The term for the practice is 'Gaming', it reflects very poorly on the proposal, it can prevent the proposal from moving forward. Commented Oct 8, 2018 at 12:13

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Unfortunately, if the users have already voted for the original question, changing that question into something else renders the voting moot. Since we don't have a way to remove those votes, changing a question in that manner is not allowed. If you see something like that, you should 'flag' it for Moderator attention.

  • The votes can be removed, by deleting the question. This option is available to the OP. Deleting the question, returns the used votes to the people who cast them and returns the available questions to the OP to write a fresh one. The current question was edited by the OP. If the OP is not well versed in SE and Area51, they may not be aware of this. The motivation in this case may not have been gaming based. Commented Oct 8, 2018 at 12:30

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