Proposal: Graphing Calculator 3D

It might be a lot easier to gain traction if other brands of graphing calculators are on topic, e.g. TI products.

Should the scope of this proposal be expanded to include questions about any graphing calculator?

Thanks for the suggestion. I actually first considered having this proposed forum as part of another larger forum such as Mathematics or MathTeacher StackExchange forums. But the problem is all the confusion for users who are only looking for Graphing Calculator 3D related questions and are not familiar with the "tag" concept.

Combining this forum with other brands of graphing calculators has similar problems. Most Graphing Calculator 3D users do not use any other brand of graphing calculator so combining it does not help them, and would cause confusion.

Other math software programs have their own dedicated forums in StackExchange (such as so this approach does have precedent. I think Graphing Calculator 3D is popular enough to build the necessary traction in its own.

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