What is the point of the bounty badges if you can't give any in Area 51?

Altruist, Benefactor, Investor and Promoter don't serve any purpose as meta doesn't allow bounties due to no rep given, and the main Area 51 website is not Q&A like other SE sites, so no bounties possible there either.

  • Common sense which I'd never applied myself. No rep possible makes bounties pointless, and no bounties makes bounty-based badges inaccessible. Sep 26, 2018 at 1:26

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This isn't just on Area 51 only you can check another meta site and those same badges are listed example Ask Ubuntu Meta. It seems like the meta site badge list is just a duplicate of the main site's badge list located here Ask Ubuntu Main so it listes all the badges even if some can't be awarded. Area 51 Meta is based off the child-meta site format (Because it is a child-meta.) so there for the badge list should be the same as all the others.

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