Proposal: Math Challenges

What is the difference between the proposed site and the ?

To me it always seemed that questions on AoPS forums were kind of off-topic on Mathematics SE (since they are mostly just spamming list of interesting math problems). I see at least one difference, and that is that AoPS serves also like a kind of archive for all sorts of problem, and I guess it is not wanted to just duplicate those here. I can imagine someone just grabbing latest AoPS problems (even though original and interesting) and posting them on this site. How will be this dealt with?

I guess it is impossible to avoid some reposting of AoPS or even Mathematics SE topics, especially at the beginning, but I just wanted to make sure the differences/similarities are clear.

The proposed site is, as you have said, similar to AoPS. The difference is that we allow community-wiki questions for non-original problems, which would not welcome most AoPS questions as they already have public answers to them. However, for those questions with no answers for a long time, I would not be against making them CW. Furthermore, there are many MSE users who have AoPS accounts, and thus could help close/delete copycat questions. Note that this sort of behaviour could also be witnessed on Puzzling, as users could copy and paste puzzles from elsewhere on the internet.

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