Proposal: Math Challenges

I see that in all of the example questions, you have followed the practice of adding a start and end date - what is the purpose of this? StackExchange questions are intended to last forever - would the end date be simply when the best answer would be accepted? If so, then there really is no need for it - the green box indicates if an answer has been accepted.

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    Seems like the OP should choose whether the contest has a cutoff date or not; however, things could get awkward if someone posts an amazing answer than knocks the question out of the park when there's already a mediocre answer that had already won the contest long ago. – Frpzzd Sep 6 at 22:41

After a discussion with an MSE user about this, I have concluded that the cutoff dates, if they should be there at all, should not be part of the title. Perhaps they could be boxed/bolded next to the tags of the question.

Regarding their existence, I think that people should have the choice. For example, some people may like the idea of MathCh.SE posts, in a way, resembling competition-like scenarios, just like in international challenges. However, to compromise, this does not have to mean that users cannot answer after the deadline, as a community-wiki answer could be implemented instead. It would simply mean that you wouldn't be given any rep for upvotes on the answer.

StackExchange questions are intended to last forever - would the end date be simply when the best answer would be accepted?

Whilst I agree on the first part, for SE, answers can still be posted after an older answer has been accepted. There have been many cases where askers give the green tick to that new answer.

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    (+1) I fully agree; e.g., all puzzles created and/or posted on the Puzzling Stack Exchange don't have an end-date, even when the answer has been accepted and perhaps the creator of the puzzle has moved on to create new puzzles. This is because puzzles might have alternative solutions (especially riddles; it can be difficult to write really solid riddles, considering how the language is often metaphoric and thus up to interpretation). Putting things into perspective, there might be many ways to solve a challenge, which might also prove to be more efficient anyways. Go MatCh.SE! :D – user477343 Sep 7 at 6:25
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    @user477343 Thanks for your support! Have you confirmed your email after registering, as I can't see you on the list? :) – TheSimpliFire Sep 7 at 6:26
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    I am pretty sure I have. If you don't believe I have followed, I can take a screenshot. On the main site, it says followed next to MathCh.SE, and when I visit it, it says I can unfollow if I want, suggesting that I have followed. I will check again :) – user477343 Sep 7 at 6:27
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    @user477343 Have you changed your username to user195349 or user50723? They're all the 'user' names I can see – TheSimpliFire Sep 7 at 6:28
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    @user477343 DavideMorgante had the same problem as well. It turned out that you had to confirm your email. Please see this chat – TheSimpliFire Sep 7 at 6:32
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    No I have not. It turns out that I have been sent a confirmation email (I thought it was just another Terms & Conditions policy so I just skipped it). I use gmail, and have checked my inbox, but found no email sent to me regarding Area51. It reads, however, that I have to send Area51 an email via some other different email platform and then I have to put some code in...? Edit: Oh, thanks for that chat link. Checking that out, I did the same thing, too: unfollowed and then followed again. – user477343 Sep 7 at 6:33

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