Proposal: Math Challenges

I assume that questions from ongoing math competitions are certainly off topic, and perhaps even deserving of their own off-topic close reason. But should we consider old math contest problems on topic? Say, is it OK to delve dig up a question from the IMO archives and post it here?

There is a wealth of math contest problems that would be interesting to share and solve, so I am of the opinion that these should be on topic. Of course, attribution to the original source must be provided.

If old contest problems were to be on-topic, then I would definitely want them to be community wiki. In the case where there are answers/solutions already out of SE, I would encourage users to share the link through a comment instead of posting an answer. The questions shouldn't be closed though, as there could be different/more effective techniques of solving them. Of course, if questions are copies/slight modifications of the contest problems asked in MSE, then closure/mark as duplicate would be appropriate.

What I do not want is people posting tons of these (community wiki) questions in a short amount of time after collecting a large bunch of challenges in the 1980s, as they would just flood the site very quickly. A solution round this might be to impose a limit on the number of such questions asked per day/week so there is a healthy balance of old questions (created not by the asker) and original, interesting challenges.

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    I agree with the community wiki policy, and all the first paragraph. I do not think it is feasible to enforce a specific rate limit. A good way to prevent spammers would be with downvotes, flags and moderator warnings. – Mike Earnest Sep 4 at 19:30
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    @MikeEarnest Thanks for your feedback. That would actually be better. – TheSimpliFire Sep 4 at 19:39
  • What if the spam is done by different people though? You will end up with IMO problems flooding the site anyway. Making old competition problems off-topic would solve this, at the prize of robing the site of potential interesting content (but it could be in comments as you mentioned). Also where would be a boundary between a old competition problem (off-topic) and new interesting problem... – Sil 2 hours ago
  • Also imagine the situation, someone posts an interesting problem, it gets attention, votes, and then it turns out this is an old IMO problem, but no one noticed. Will such question then become suddenly an off-topic? :) – Sil 2 hours ago

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