Proposal: Drone

The current proposed site name, Drone, just seems a bit funky to me. However, altering it to something like Drones or RC Aircraft sounds a lot better to my ear and pleases my inner grammar nazi. What do you guys think?

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    I agree! If it covers even partially RC aircraft apart from military drones and N-copters, it should not be named Drone or Drones. "RC aircraft" is acceptable, but it feels like there could be something better. You are right, "Drone" is really bad. (And do not worry, you do not have an inner grammar nazi. It's just that you do not know what a nazi is. I do. I'm German.) – Volker Siegel Aug 23 at 9:24
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    @VolkerSiegel LOL. Yea, "RC Aircraft" could definitely use some work. Do you have any ideas to throw into the much pot? – ifconfig Aug 25 at 20:42
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Well, I would suggest Remote AirCraft Enthusiasts.

IMHO, this would reflect the fact that the site is for remotIn myely piloted aircrafts of all hues, without inadvertently appearing to exclude Drone Builders, non-pilot technical people, etc.

  • I like RC Aircraft, but I don't like the application of "enthusiasts" due to its connotation in modern society. That makes it feel too... casual... for my liking. – ifconfig Oct 31 at 16:39

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