I have seen a number of questions on stackoverflow, superusers and serverfault that are related to vmware, virtual box, hyper-v and probably other virtualization engines.

This topic is so complex ! A question could related the host OS, but also the guest os, another could involve db administration and virtual networking related issues.

To avoid this questions to be sparse in tons of site, and often moved from one to one other and ignored at all sometimes, I suggest to create a site dedicated exclusively to this topic, where we can discuss everything is related to the problem os virtualize a machine over one other machine.

I image to be well accepted question on

  • how to design network topology of a pure virtualized network

  • how to create a proxy for only virtual machines

  • how to try to make cohexists vbox, vmware and hyper-v

  • how to re install vmware tools using ansible

This site must be opened to supermegaiper professional questions, but also be friendly against new users; too much time a user is killed because its question is stupid or not well exposed.

I imagine a place where user can be free to ask clarifications without being afraid of receive tons of downvotes or closed questions or even deleted.

As you could see, these topic touches more stack exchange sites, and actually causes a dispersion of knowledge because users found problems so greatly different in type to ask for them in different places, but all are related to the virtualization

Please, moderators, move this proposal to the most appropriate section

Please, help me to improve this proposal if needed. Every help is welcome.

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You don't need to open a discussion about it (although it may help shape the proposal, and it's not a bad idea to do so) - just create a new proposal on the Area 51 main site and start shaping it up.

Having said that, we've had several similar proposals over the years, and none of them matured to even a private beta site, AFAIK.

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