Proposal: LBRY

Is it a good technique to ask questions about proposals in Stack Exchange communities? If so it may be a good idea to start asking questions about LBRY to help drive support. After all, this is where the people with the required rep hang out.

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Yes. But just as long as it's on topic and helpful. If your posts are purely for promotion, they could be marked as spam.

I have no knowledge about LBRY, but.... Your question implies that LBRY topics are inscope at one or more existing Stack Exchange sites. If true, the proposal has a significantly higher threshold to launch. Getting 100 users with 200+rep will be your easiest hurdle.

If LBRY is NOT in scope at one or more existing Stack Exchange sites, how does your suggestion help?

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    What I mean is, if we use Stack Exchange communities for advice and techniques on strengthening the LBRY proposal, people within these communities could also start following the LBRY project and help to support it with commits. Currently, we are looking for people to help on Discord, Twitter, Reddit, etc, but most people on these platforms don't have Stack Exchange accounts, which makes it hard for us to find committers, especially when trying to get users with reps over 200. Just makes sense to draw support from within the very communities we need the support from - Stack Exchange. – Invariant Change Aug 21 at 1:20
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    @InvariantChange You can get your 100 users with 200+rep completely organically by having your LBRY "communitte" find a site that they can identify with and post there to get rep and experience see list of sites This is acceptable and encouraged. – James Jenkins Aug 21 at 12:32

Not sure who downvoted you, but I'm guessing this is not the right comment to be making here. I don't think there's much to do here other than to marshal support for the proposition. Maybe go hang out in other StackExchanges and get the feel for the land, get your own reputation up. :)

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