Students intending to support Solar Energy Science and Economy, after browsing to the proposal page found they had to confirm an email to create an SE account, which makes sense.

Then they found they had to confirm another email to Follow It for the solar site, which WOULD have made sense if they hadn't already confirm that their email is real and properly associates with their account previously.

If this is a bug, then I've placed the right tag in this Q. If not, then we should remove it. If it is intended behavior I suggest reconsidering that intention.

Two email confirmations give people the impression that SE is too complicated and will reduce engagement statistics. For individual proposals, the double confirmation makes it unnecessarily difficult to begin following a proposal in a critical stage of development.

I can't think of a valid security reason why two confirmations should be necessary, especially when only 60 seconds apart. It's not like a man in the middle attack or some other security is realistic in that short a window of time or that following is such a profitable thing that anyone would hack it anyway.

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    I agree. I had some users telling me that they followed my forum but their name doesn't show in the list. I suspect this double email confirmation might be the culprit. – Saeid Nourian Aug 15 at 12:52
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    @SaeidNourian, There is a browser-specific bug I reported (…), but I suspect this is a separate issue that is more of a requirements oversight than a bug. – Douglas Daseeco Aug 15 at 13:22

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