Proposal: Indian Languages

There are 22 major Indian languages and still hundreds more out there. They are all probably different from each other so maintaining relevance on the site would be very hard for moderators, which we are lucky to have.

Main users of this site would be Indians, who can help out teaching others. This brings up the problem of communication. If users don't share a common language, it will be very hard to communicate.

Last, learning an Indian language would be a great choice in your spare time but it is not very useful real life, which is what most people will consider. If you are still in school, you may want to choose an Indian language but find there isn't one. Also, if you go on business trips to India, most of the people in urban parts can speak English and that is more appropriate for business matters.

Yeah, there are more than 22 languages in India. Still hundreds more than that. It is a bit broader topic but there would not be a problem of maintaining relevance on the site. There would be tags for each questions and we have to be specific while tagging once we enter to private beta. It is not the moderators' job to maintain relevance. All the users have that responsibility. We are given privileges for a reason. We should use them.

Main users would be Indians...Yes. We help out Each other..that is a good thing again. This does not bring any problem of communication between the users. The main language of communication is still English. Posting questions, answers and comments would still be English. See Chinese Language, Japanese Language for example. They ask about Japanese language but they do in English. Similarly, the answers should explain in English. The communication will happen in English so that everyone can understand.

Learning an Indian language will be same as learning any other Non Indian Language. Some do it for passion. Some do it as they have a habit or aim of learning new languages. Some do it as a hobby. There are many other reasons to learn languages. Grammar, literature is also a reason. This has a beautiful literature. Saying a language which is not appropriate for business matters can be applied to many languages but that should/will not stop one from learning it. There are many corners of the world who speak their mother tongue only. They cannot speak English. This helps in communication with them especially who have a habit of traveling to new places. There are thousands of Non Indians who learn Indian languages out of love or passion towards the language (they wrote the other answer you got). I don't know who are the most people in the question. As I said, there are a number of reasons besides business trips in India.

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