Proposal: Greek Language

Are questions about studying or learning Greek allowed? Most of the questions seem to go more into details of the language than asking beginner questions.

  • I hope so, because I'm a beginner :D – Matt Ellen Jul 30 at 13:02
  • Do you have a beginners question right now, that you can add to the defining questions? It would do the proposal some good (only two weeks left to promotion or failure) – jknappen Aug 2 at 12:29

In my opinion: Yes, when the asker has shown enough effort on their own to

  • ask a clear and answerable questions (e.g., when to use use word A or B, when A and B have similar meanings)
  • the question is not trivially answerable, e.g., by looking up wiktionary or another easily available dictionary

The spectrum of question allowed on English Language Learners may give some guidance.

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