I logged into Area 51 with my email and password, but I was still logged out of Area 51 Discussions. I logged in again and again, but it always logged me in to Area 51 not Area 51 Discussions.

Then I logged in to Meta Stack Exchange, and somehow I got logged in to Area 51 Discussions.

I see that Area 51 Discussions has the new top bar while the normal Area 51 doesn't. Is Area 51 Discussions connected to the main network? Is that why I can't log in unless I log in to another Stack Exchange site?

EDIT: I found out that A51 Discuss is connected to the main network but the main A51 isn't. My A51 Discuss profile is the same as my network profile. My main A51 profile is what it looked like when I first registered. I even have a different username on there!


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