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Should we merge Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin?

Proposal: Cryptocurrencies

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    This proposal appears to be a reaction to the large number of proposals for different cryptocurrencies we got lately which don't want to be associated with Bitcoin. It is understandable that the Bitcoin site isn't that attractive for other cryptocurrencies, because most of them have the objective to eventually surpass Bitcoin as the most relevant cryptocurrency. – Philipp Jul 2 at 12:40
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    definitely. the reason why I created this, because having 100 stack exchanges about different cryptos are so confusing – Lorddirt Jul 7 at 8:19
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    yes please, Merge all of them Cryptocurrencies together. Or else the Discussion may start why not make different Subpages on other Topics too like perhaps splitting of Macbooks and iPhone or iPad from AskDiffrent. or maybe split of SuperUser in RealSuperUser and MaybeSuperUser etc. – konqui Jul 13 at 9:52

Cryptocurrencies is one thing, and BitCoin is another thing. Ethereum is one thing as well. But ALL of them together, would cause havoc and confusion, as many of them have completely different use cases, programming language etc. That is my opinion. Each and every huge blockchain has its own little ecosystem of politics, governance, technology, use-cases, finance, etc.

Maybe this "Cryptocurrency"-proposal could be more specific? For example: "Cryptocurrency Trading"? or "Cryptocurrency Newbies"? As I have seen in the other coins (Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, LBRY, Stellar) they are often filled with very technical questions and wouldn't be so kind towards a newbie. Maybe this one could be it?

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    definitely a great idea. (merging things worked in the case of StackOverflow, but this idea is good too) – Lorddirt Aug 1 at 6:49

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