Yesterday, I tried to create the "Laravel" site and it got flagged as a duplicate. But yet there are other frameworks such as "Wordpress" & "Drupal" who got their own SE site. So what is the guideline that determines what can become a site vs what can not?

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    I don't know much about Laravel but isn't it just a framework where you have to be a programmer to use it? Whereas Wordpress and Drupal you can just install some plug-ins and away you go, so there's a lot more end-user type questions. – PeterJ Jun 15 at 12:10
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    Under that assumption, (which is a laravel based CMS) would qualify for its own site. But that still doesn't make sense regarding what is the defined guideline as to what can make it as a site. – Digital Fire Jun 15 at 14:49
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The first criteria we look at when considering a proposal is whether the questions could already be answered on one or more of our Stack Exchange sites.

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We don't generally split off a community from a site simply to give a topic its own space. Wordpress and Drupal are end-user products with considerable ecosystem of questions beyond programming, and the content management systems in particular host a lot of end-user questions which don't fit on Stack Overflow at all.

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